It was a busy few weeks for us recently at Baroni Lab. We were working around the clock so that we could bring as many of our pedals and amps to the Shanghai Music Exhibition, and really get some good feedback from some great musicians, sound professionals and distribution companies.

As the band knocked out some covers of classic sounds and songs, people were welcome to come in and try out some of our products first hand, and the BL40D and Dave’s Comp compressor pedal were the stars of the show, getting a lot of attention from everyone who visited.

It was a big event for us, as we took it as the perfect opportunity to unveil our series of pre amp pedals for the first time. Years in the making, the Twin, Hi Tube, MesMark1 and VoxTone30 are unique in our pedal line up. Each is designed after a specific, famous sound from the history of rock music, and is intended to work as a pre amp. Running on just a 12 volt power supply, these pedals contain a special DCDC converter which steps up the power to around 300 volts. With tubes included in each pedal, as well as volume, gain and EQ controls, this means that these pedals are not just emulations of famous amp sounds, but they work at exactly the same level as a real amplifier pre amp.

This gives you the opportunity to carry a selection of amplifiers with you easily to any show or recording studio, and all you need to do is connect your rig with the pre amp directly into the end stage of a tube amplifier for great results. The Power Amp 40 and Power Amp 100 are designed to work perfectly with these pedals, and provide the raw energy of a power amplifier in two completely independent stereo channels.