The Hi Tube, Mesmark 1, Twin Pre Amp and Voxtone 30 are four great new pedals which have been years in the making. They have been designed to take the raw power and warm tone of a pre amp and bring it to an easy to carry pedal which can fit right into your rig. Change the pre amp pedal, and get a completely different tone on the go.

The pre amp pedals are made to work just like an actual amplifier pre amp, complete with vacuum tubes and running at around 300v. This means that they have the power to provide true pre amp tone in any situation.

In order to get the most out of the pre amp pedals, it is important to understand a little about the signal flow of a guitar as it goes through a rig, amplifier and speaker. There are a number of ways in which you can set up your sound, and each one will give different results.

Baroni Lab Power Amp

The Power Amp 40 and Power Amp 100 are specially designed to work with the pre amp pedals. These amplifiers are stereo, and have minimal controls for presence, left volume and right volume. All of the tone controls can be changed via whichever pre amp pedal you decide to use.

The Power Amp tube amps are end stage only, meaning that they don’t have a built in pre amp. This makes them the perfect option for use with a pre amp pedal.

Send and Return Loop

These pedals can actually be used with any amp head which has a send and return effects loop. This is because the ‘return’ jack input comes in after the amplifier’s pre amp and before its end stage. In this way, it is possible to use our pre amp pedals with almost any tube amp head.

Just plug your effects chain into the return – usually found on the back of the amplifier – and rock out.