Boutique amps are suddenly all the rage, and as far as I'm concerned companies like Baroni Lab are leading the pack. Innovative yet with a firm grasp on vintage, professional tone.

Jackie Simpson

Baroni Lab effects gave my pedal board a much needed new life. I started with their Opto Comp compressor and just couldn't stop. Now Baroni pedals take compression, distortion and modulation duties in my live rig. Couldn't be happier with them.

Chris Peterson

After having looked and looked for a truly vintage-inspired amplifier series, my search finally led me to Baroni Lab. They have the image, know-how and passion for tone which make them a lot more than just a boutique amp and effects company.

Tara Murphy

With so many choices for distortion pedals, Baroni Lab is easily one of the better boutique effects pedal makers around right now.  It's simply astounding how they can come up with so many great distortion stomp boxes, and no two of them are alike at all!

Jessica Adams

A Baroni Lab effects pedal is a thing of beauty. Elegant and simple with regard to design, and rich and deep in regard to tone. Vintage sounds in a modern setting, and with that boutique hand-made vibe, what else could anyone want from a stomp box?

Wendy Roberts

Amplifiers and effects can sound great, or they can sound simply terrible. There is rarely a middle ground. In my experience getting a good tone is all about balance and levels. I have never had any problem dialing in a sweet tone on a Baroni Lab product.

Jason McKenna

I first checked out Baroni Lab after hearing a guitarist using one of their 'Dave's Comp' compressors.  I'm glad I did, as their amplifiers are also really amazing to play through!  Spotless, crisp cleans along with great response and sweet harmonics.

Steve Winston

The Baroni Lab amp range is incredible; from 5 watts up to 100 watts, every amp has a signature tone and response to playing. Playing through one of these heads is truly inspirational, and a much appreciated return to the golden ages of tone.

Jessica Winters

The only thing better than a Baroni Lab Time delay pedal is two Baroni Lab Time delay pedals running in series. For me this effect captures the company's mission in every way. Affordable, durable, great quality, inspiring and above all vintage!

Wes Steiner

Every time I check out a Baroni product, I'm amazed at how clear and sweet the tone can be.  Even with so many distortion-based effects, every single one of them has a unique sound which brings me back to different songs I listened to when I was growing up.  Great effort guys, keep 'em coming!

Jake Li

Baroni Lab effects are on a whole new level. They take a classic, vintage sound and bring it right into a modern day style. When they say 'New Era of Vintage' they mean it!

Will Stevens

Music is not just a hobby; for many it is a way of life. It unites people under a common interest, breaks down barriers of language, age and religion and provides anybody with the chance to express their personality, culture and history through a shared art form. Boutique companies like Baroni Lab don't just provide high quality amps, but they give people the means to express themselves creatively. Keep it up guys!

J Johnson

Nothing beats the feeling of plugging into a real tube amplifier. The warm glow, the natural sweet distortion and the feeling of connecting with your equipment is just amazing. Thank you Baroni Lab for doing your part to bring this feeling to the musicians!

Steve Hammond

Tube amps are one of those things that are just phenomenal. Such a great tone could never be replaced by other technology, and companies like Baroni Lab are keeping the digital developers on their toes.

Robert Emmerson

I used to always go for the big brand names in the past, for amps, accessories, guitars, pedals and everything. My experience with Baroni Lab so far has completely changed my perception about the whole thing. I tried out their 40 watt combo on a friend's recommendation and it opened up my mind a lot. Lesser known boutique brands clearly have a lot more to offer than I thought.

Eric Richmond

The vacuum tube has found a new champion in Baroni Lab.  These guys are just so passionate about what they do that you can feel it every time you listen to one of their truly amazing products.

Justin Asberry

For me, a good amp should have three things: a good tone, sensitive response, and big tubes. My Baroni Lab 30-30 has every one in abundance!

Larry Hoskins

Baroni Lab's service quality is only surpassed by the quality of their tones. The amplifiers offer a bright clean which can easily hold up against bigger brands, and every one of their effects pedals have a unique brilliant sound.

Richard Hope

The Baroni Lab approach of taking a tone which is loved by many and sticking it into a box is an interesting one, and they pull it off nicely. It's refreshing, and something that I think other pedal builders could learn from too.

Justin Sanders

The only way a Baroni amp tone could be more quintessentially vintage is if it wore tweed and hung around drinking port and talking politics beside a roaring fire. Quality amps, quality company.

Derek Schneider

I placed orders for a number of different pedals from this company, and not only did they deal with my request efficiently, promptly and professionally, but their effects pedals sound as good as they say they do!  A quality company that I look forward to working with more in the future.

Vanessa Pickard

This company can easily compete with the greats of the industry for quality, value and tone, which is no easy task.  It is rare to see a smaller boutique outfit producing gear at such a high level.

John Walker

Very professionally produced effects pedals, and the amplifiers are just bursting with great tone. I'd recommend these products to any serious guitarist who cares about getting great sound.

Marquis Montoya

I'm as passionate about my amps and gear as much as I am about playing the guitar. I take pride in my equipment, and really take care of it, almost to the point of obsession! It's really great to have an amp and pedal company like Baroni Lab, who clearly care about this stuff as much as I do!

Bernie Hanson

Vintage effects at their best! Baroni Lab take the greatest tones of all time, and give them a full-on boutique makeover. Very nice products and great quality.

Ricky Green

Baroni pedals feel strong, sound great and look beautiful. What more could you want from a stomp box?

Steve Reed

Baroni Lab modulation effects are truly vintage. Hearing that combination of chorus into delay makes me feel like my music is ten times more powerful on every level. Fantastic products from a company that cares.

Christina Murray

With so many companies making their own boutique pedals right now, it is nice to have at least one that doesn't cut corners when it comes to quality, and charges a fair price for great, hand-crafted products.

Tony Smith

If I had to choose just one amplifier to use for the rest of my life, it would probably be a Baroni amp. I just love the powerful cleans that they produce!

James Harris

If you take the raw, untaimed brutality of vintage rock tones and add a little Italian finesse, the result is Baroni Lab. These guys know vintage, and deliver it in heaps.

Blake Buchan

Great quality products, fantastic custormer service and some of the best tones I have ever heard. Keep on rocking Baroni Lab!

Travis Jacobson

People always ask me how I manage to get such rich crunch sounds on my recordings. I point them in the direction of this website. Thanks again for everything, you guys rock!

Connie McDaniel

Though Baroni Lab are a lesser known company when compared to the amplification giants such as Marshall, Peavey and the likes, they have great sounding products. Their amps are truly high class, and for such quality products, very reasonably priced!

Alan Rozier

Every once in a while you come across an amp which is just right for you. It connects with you as well as your music and lets your creativity flow! That's my relationship with my Baroni 3030.

Scott Townsend

I'm loving the 40w combo! This amp changed my life. It's super bright, punchy, clean and loves my pedals. Thanks so much!

Campbell Hapi

Baroni Lab is one of those companies that just gets it right. You can tell that these guys are guitar players themselves: I can hear the passion for the instrument in every product of theirs I've tried out! I bought their Time delay, and didn't look back.

Alan Jenkins

I looked everywhere to find the right amp for what I wanted to do with my band.  Tried everything I could get a hold of but nothing was quite right.  I bout the Baroni twenty watt combo after a friend turned me on to them and I was blown away by the quality!  Now, my bass player wants one too.  Thanks guys!

Martin Roberts

Just got the pedal. Moon Sound is awesome! ;-)
I've been using it, top best quality effect pedals.

Christopher Alston

I have purchased some amps and pedals from this company and so far I just have to say, I have no regrets at all. My last purchase was a combo amp, I have tested the effects and sounds for 2 weeks. Very classic and beautiful sounds, perfect but I think this company can make it better. Overall I am very happy with it. Good work!

Andrea Smith